Hi it’s Ania (bober) and Artur (żartex) a traveling couple of Varsovians who cannot sit in one place.

We spend each earned money for another trip (usually in the best company our friends). Every year we are discovering new places, although we sometimes come back to the most beautiful and favorite ones. On our blog is made out of pure passion for traveling, exploring new places, learning about different cultures and people. Here you can read about beautiful places such as Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Mexico or Belize but also local places located just 30 km from our home city – Warsaw.

blogerzy czas na wywczas

Our mission  => Effective sightseeing

Our main goal is to see as much as we can during the trip and our plans are really tight and full of attractions. Instead of lying on the beach, we prefer to spend time efficiently, get up in the morning and be the first in the queue to the museum. We know that traveling can be expensive and we are trying to cut some costs but this blog is not about low budget trips. If the attractions is worth to see and if it helps us to save some time and explore the culture We do not have problems to spend more money on it. Sooo…

…We will not tell you how to travel with 1$ but will tell you which attraction you cannot miss and how you should organize your perfect vacation.

The goal of our blog is to advise you:

  • How to optimize time to take full advantage of your vacation
  • How to prepare for the trip to avoid unpleasant surprises
  • How to save some money if there is an option
  • How to organize your trip (transportation, accommodation, food, etc)

We love to share our knowledge, our first hand experiences and personal recommendations to inspire people to see what’s out there in the world beyond their hotel’s gates and what amazing things this world has to offer.

Work with us

We love working with companies in the travel industry and yours could be the next one! Whether it is for a campaign, promotion or reviews, we pride ourselves in creating content of the highest quality to our wide ranged audience.

Every month our blog is visited by 22-31 000 unique users, to communicate with our readers we are using social media (4 500 followers on Facebook and 15 000 followers on Instagram).

We are open to any kind of cooperation. We can offer you:

  • testing and review of your products and their placement on our website and our fanpage on Facebook/ Instargram
  • preparing articles promoting touristic attractions, city, region or country,
  • visiting some places and making a report connected with your organization,
  • product photography in interesting places,

If you would like to make partnership you can contact by email: kontakt@czasnawywczas.pl